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Bradshaw's French Polishing Services

Touch up and Minor Repair: This service covers everything from scratches and chips in furniture to heat marks, light and water damage, bruises and scuffs.

Restoration: This is for pieces, which due to more severe damage, need a full resurface (strip and re-polish). Re-polishing is needed when a normal repair will not suffice. Use this when the old finish is badly damaged.

Clean and Revive: This service will be employed when the pieces in question, from age or simply daily wear and tear, need some life put back into them and the finish restored. A great service when you want the overall appearance of a piece to look smarter. Chair legs, door frames, bottoms of doors get kicked, handrails lose their shine, furniture wears around the edges. Clean and revive will bring these items back to life.

Colour Change: A great choice if you want to keep your items but want to change the look. Items that are hard to replace or move like doors, handrails, kitchen units and floors are good examples of things that are far more expensive to replace than to change the colour.

Full French Polish: This is for new and untreated timber, it covers a broad range of options and includes staining, sealing and finishing with French polish using traditional techniques and materials.

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